*Comb or Headband Fascinator?

There are two ways to attach my fascinators in your hair, a comb or headband.

The hair comb, best for an updo or half updo.

I use clear plastic, so it cannot be seen in any colour hair, metal are also available on request.

Hair Clips now available on some designs.

* Back comb the area where you intend to place your fascinator, this provides a thicker and stronger area on which the comb can grip.

* Push the comb slightly in the opposite direction before you slide it into place, this will ensure that more hairs are woven between the teeth of the comb, again ensuring a firmer grip.

* Spray the area around the comb, avoiding the actual fascinator, liberally with hairspray, this will ensure that the comb and the hairs stick together and will prevent it from slipping.

*Try placing a few grips in the area, most of my fascinators will now be made with small ribbon loops at the ends of the comb which you can use to put long grips through to help anchor.

*You can also use hairgrips crisscrossed in a grid and push the comb in, for extra security, but be careful not to break the teeth of the comb...

The headband, best for short, fine/ thin or long loose hair.

I use thin metal bands, available in black, silver or gold, so should be well hidden in any colour hair.

The bands should be strong yet discreet and will stay in place without help.

If you find that a headband hurts your head, one trick is to just wrap a small amount of sticky plaster around the tips, just to cushion it where it sits behind your ears, failing that gently ease the band open more.

The workings should be invisible to give the fascinator the look of defying gravity!

*How to care for your fascinator.

Always store in the box provided or similar when not in use, this will ensure it stays clean, prevents it from becoming dusty, broken or crushed.

Try to store it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight, this will help to prevent it from becoming brittle or fading.

Ensure that its kept dry, not anywhere that’s prone to damp, if it gets wet/ rained on, dry out fully before putting back into storage.

This is an excellent guide also, to help with choosing and wearing a fascinator-




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