Ivory Vintage Fan with Peacock Feathers

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This pretty ostrich feather fan is made to order only, please allow up to 10-14 days for making plus postage, materials are subject to availability.
In some instances, the turnaround of the order may be quicker.

This smaller vintage style ostrich feather fan is a unique and fabulous alternative to the traditional wedding bouquet.

Created with short pale ivory ostrich feathers, the ostrich feathers are all different shapes, so not a uniform shape, which is rigid and will not close.

Complemented with three small peacock eye feathers, fluffy marabou feathers and finished with a satin or lace ruffle and a pearl cabochon stud in gold or silver tone.

To finish, the handle is covered with satin ribbon with thin shoestring ribbon trails off the end of the handle with beads on the bottom, or a plain loop handle if preferred.

Approximate Overall length -41 cm, Width (Feather Span) 38 cm, Fan Top Height 29 cm, Handle 11.5 cm Long, Ribbon Trails 17.5 cm longest.

Also available in black, red, emerald green, turquoise, royal blue, pale blue, navy blue, yellow, orange, purple, lilac, pale pink, fuchia pink & cerise pink

A larger more layer version and the standard size is available also, very popular with Brides instead of a bouquet, please email any enquiries.
Care will need to be taken with it as the feathers are delicate. 
Ideal for a period costume, fancy dress, dancing, burlesque dancing, as an alternative to a wedding bouquet or an addition to a collection or as a decorative item. 

All items are carefully boxed for delivery, the outer feathers maybe pushed in for ease of packing, but will just need gently teasing out.
Please ensure that you store this in a cool & dry place.
All materials are subject to availability, so please check on ordering. 

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